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Horsefeather Peculiars is all about learning how to ‘Unlock the Magic Within’, meaning discovering who you truly are and not being afraid to show it. This is my mission with my jewelry, planner items, products, blogs, and stories. I want to show you that you truly are capable of achieving your dreams, overcoming life’s obstacles, making a friend or even just leaving the house. We have all been there. Even I have visited that road and set up camp there. In today’s time, it’s still taboo to be who you truly are, especially a nerd, unless you conform to society’s standards and stereotypes. Let’s break free from that together and just be who the creator wants us to be. Genuine compassionate human beings. Let our products help you show off who you truly are. An amazing person inside and out. Do not let society define you. Be bold. Be courageous. Be unique. Be YOU!

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